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Rev. Robert E. Brown

From the Pastor's Desk . . .

Rev. Robert E. Brown

   What is commitment? Commitment is faithfulness, keeping one's promise, and making a vow to God. According to Matthew 8:22, the scripture, "But Jesus told him, "Follow me now. Let those who are spiritually dead, care for their own dead." Commitments are sustained by giving and keeping one's word. Commitments are sustained through gifts of self and gifts of cash. In other words, you are the commitments you make and honor, minus the commitments you break. Everything important to you and even achieved, are the results of your commitments that you made and honored. You give your word and keep it. As a result, you make a positive difference or you can give your word and break it and you make a very different kind of difference. 

    My sisters and brothers, the commitments we make and honor determines who we are and what we are. It is up to each one of us to ask ourselves the following questions:

       (1.) What do I stand for?
       (2.) What do I believe?
       (3.) Too whom am I committed?

HONOR your commitments with everything YOU are,
everything YOU have, and everything YOU do.

There is a place for us, and it is here (Middlebrook).  
There is a time for us, and it is NOW.

May God Be with You,
Rev. Brown

Middlebrook United Methodist Church, consecrated
October 5,2003, is a worship community in which all
God's children fellowship together regardless of race, color,
national origin, or religious affiliation.

Our mission is to:

*  Make disciples of Christ;

Build community; and

Enhance the quality of life – through the development of social
structures to improve the lives of those we serve and seek to serve.

Middlebrook, UMC - 115 Maddox Road,
Jackson MS

Rev. Robert E. Brown, Pastor