115 Maddox Road, Jackson Mississippi 39212    






Church Leaders
Children’s Ministry Contact: Rebecca Harrell – 957-6995
Church Council Chair: Alice H. Emanuel – 899-1692
Communications Contact: Patrick Phillips 899-1692
Communion: Benda Little 354-0432
Historian: Howard Edmonsen 372-3063
Finance Chair: Berenda Johnson – 373-6054
Finance Secretary: Janice Morris – 922-3388
Layleader: J.D. McAdory – 353-8212
Nurture-Outreach Chair: Frances Moffett – 922-8344
Pastor Parish Relations Chair: Connie Fitzhugh – 346-4040
Senior Adult Ministry Coordinator: Ruth Edmonsen 372-3063
Sunday School Superintendent: Roberta Pennington – 373-0902
Treasurer: Cheryl Haynes – 373-1986
Trustees Chair: Eligah Killebrew – 856-5837
UMM President: J.D. McAdory – 353-8212
UMW President: Connie Fitzhugh – 346-4040
Witness Chair: Marie McLaurin – 372-3895
Worship Committee Chair: Roberta Pennington – 373-0902
Young Adult Representative: Jamine Haynes –  
Youth Ministry Contact: Diane Pendleton 372-5062

Other important phone numbers:

Mississippi Conference Office – 354-0515
West Jackson District Superintendent: Henderson Rasberry's Office – 944-0776

Cokesbury Book Store - 978-3827

(All numbers are Area Code 601 that don't show an area code)     

Middlebrook "The Brook" welcomes you to become a member
in one of the following ways:

By Baptism, Profession of Faith, and Confirmation
This is for persons who have never been baptized or previously joined a Church.

Profession of Faith and Confirmation
This is for persons who have been baptized, but were never confirmed as a member of a Church.

Reaffirmation and Renewal
This is for persons who once joined a Church, but became inactive before coming to "The Brook;" or who aren't sure the record of their baptism and membership still exists; or who withdrew their membership from a church; or who were notified that their membership was removed from a Church roll.

By Transfer from Another Denomination
This is for persons who have membership in good standing in a non-United Methodist Church. We United Methodists do not require members coming from other denominations to be re­baptized

By Transfer from Another United Methodist Church
This is for persons who belong to another United Methodist Church.

As an Affiliate Member
This is for members of another United Methodist Church living temporarily in the Jackson area and wish to retain membership in their home church that is to far away to attend regularly.

As an Associate Member
This is for members other Christian denominations living temporarily in the Jackson area and wish to retain membership in their home church that is to far away to attend regularly.

Affiliate and Associate Members have all the rights, privileges, benefits and responsibilities (giving of your time, talents, and treasures) with the exception of serving as a member of the Church Council (the policy making body in each congregation of The United Methodist Church).

Admission into the Church (From the Book of Discipline)
¶ 222. Non-Local Church Settings Duly appointed clergy of The United Methodist Church, while serving as chaplain of any organization, institution, or military unit, as an extension minister, or as a campus minister, or while otherwise present where a local church is not available, may receive a person into the membership of The United Methodist Church under the conditions of  ¶ 216 or ¶ 217. Where possible, before the sacrament of baptism or vows of profession of faith are administered, such appointed minister shall consult with the pastor of the local church (should one be nearby) on the choice of the person concerned; and upon agreement by the pastor, a statement verifying that such sacrament was administered or that such vows were made shall be issued. The pastor thereof on receiving such statement shall duly enroll that person as a baptized or professing member.

Middlebrook, UMC - 115 Maddox Road,
Jackson MS

Rev. Robert E. Brown, Pastor